This is by far my FAVE PAGE of all the Interior Design Shelter magazines this month.

Fave Page - Veranda Interiior Design
Fave Page Jan/Feb 2014


Designed by Atlanta Interior Designer Susan Ferrier, the colors used here are serene, peaceful, stunning.  It makes you question – which came first?  The artwork or the furnishings?  (I vote for the artwork).  Incredible color play here, deep, drenched color lightened by shades of white and touches of metallic gold.

A very impactful room and it wins my vote for FAVE PAGE of January 2014.

Mixing – Classic meets Contemporary

Your home is a collection….a layered timeline of your experiences, interests, and points of view. Your life isn’t one dimensional, why should your home be? Fill your home with objects that reflect your passions. Mixing textures,…