Luis Bustamante – Brilliantly Merging Antiquities with Contemporary

LUIS BUSTAMANTE – Madrid Interior Designer, Sculptor, Painter

Navigating the random “Design Alleys and Avenues” of Pinterest, I found Luis Bustamante,a Madrid Interior Designer. Trained as a Sculptor and Painter, you can appreciate his sense for combining these critical aspects into his work.

Remember the first time you visited the Egyptian Antiquities room on a museum trip? My museum moment was the Carnegie MuseuLuis Bustamante library photom of Art in Pittsburgh, a 9th grade field trip. That trip changed me forever. I had never known such beauty. The calming museum room peaceful & elegant……Lofty carved columns seemed to climb to the sky. Hand etched carvings displaying written language of the past through falcons,eyes, reed boats and odd symbols. Sometimes the museum would even let you run your hand over the etchings!

Luis Bustamante uses these powerful influences yet layers in contemporary pieces. His favorite color is white,so his rooms are crisp and fresh. He will recreate your “museum moments” so you can relive them forever. He’s on THE LIST!
Please visit his site He also has a book available through Amazon.
Interiores: Luis Bustamante

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