FAVE PAGE: November / December VERANDA

My FAVE PAGE this month is found in the Nov/Dec issue of VERANDA magazine.  VERANDA is absolutely my favorite and this issue didn’t disappoint.

This hi-rise condo in Downtown Houston is home to a fashion industry couple, no surprise!

Crisp, edited, and sophisticated.  Simple but multiple layers of texture and light play.   The matte of the zebra rug and  linen dec pillows with depth added by cherry blossom twigs and draping tulips.  A sheen of metallics, both chrome,brass & gold.  I love the dark wood floors and window frames accenting the whites and ivories of the room. This room also has a linear plan with the  horizontal tables, windows, books accented by a vertical screen and artwork.  The ivory screen with a sunburst mirror allows your eye to pause in the room, enjoying every detail before venturing out to the Houston skyline.

The rest of the home is equally lovely.  (Kitchen with grey cabinets, RH lighting, and Carrera Marble counters – STUNNING!)  Hone your colors and the  result is pulled together, a cohesive neutral pallet. Layer on pops of color with art or flowers.  WOW.  This Houston couple has it figured out.

Interestingly, I vacationed in Houston this month.   The NICEST people!  Helpful,  polite.  Really incredibly genuine.   More on this soon – an amazing art museum  and fabulous restaurants!Use UBER  to get around.




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